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The school has full-fledged laboratories with the latest machines and instruments to support the syllabi and promote research & consultancy. It houses the following laboratories:

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
Pelton Wheel, Kaplan Turbine, Francis Turbine, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Tilting Flume, Various Pump Test Rigs, Flow Measuring Devices, etc. are the facilities available in the Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory.


Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is equipped with Direct Shear Apparatus for soil and geotextiles, SPT and SCPT apparatus, Vane Shear Test apparatus, UCC apparatus, Direct Shear Test apparatus for rock, Schmidt Hammer (L type), Geotextile Permeameter, Automated 3-gang Consolidometer, etc.


Survey Laboratory
The Survey Laboratory is equipped with Total Stations with accessories, DGPS, Handheld GPS, Micro Optic and Vernier Theodolites, Dumpy Levels, Tilting Levels, Subtense Bar, Digital Distance Meter, Field Geological Kit, etc.



Remote Sensing and GIS Applications


  • ENVI 4.3
  • GEOMATICA 10.0
  • ERDAS 9.1
  • ArcMap 10.2
  • ArcPad
  • Mirror Stereoscope
  • Pocket Stereoscope

The following satellite imageries (pre-disaster and post-disaster) in hard copy (FCC) and digital form are also available:

  • Orissa- Super cyclone (50,000 Scale)
  • Dharmasala, Uttranchal - Landslide (50,000 Scale)
  • Bhuj, Gujarat- Earthquake (50,000 Scale)
  • Kodaikanal- Landslide (50,000 Scale)
  • Thanjavur-Coastal zone (50,000 Scale)
  • Tharagambadi to Pondicherry (14 Nos) – Pre-tsunami 25,000 Scale)
  • Tharagambadi to Pondicherry– Post-tsunami (5,000 Scale)
  • Kumily Ghat Section (50,000 Scale).
  • The Nilgiris, Pudukottai and Cuddalore Full Scene.
  • Kodaikanal - Palani Hill Road (25 sqaure km) - Resolution 2 m


Concrete and Highway Laboratory
Digital Mortar Mixer, Concrete Mixer, Vee-Bee Consistometer, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Bitumen Ductility Testing Machine, Automatic Penetrometer for Bitumen, Lateral Extensometer, Longitudinal Compressometer, Blain Air Permeability Test Apparatus, etc. are the facilities available in the Concrete and Highway Lab.


Strength of Materials Laboratory
The Strength of Materials Laboratory is equipped with a Computerized Universal Testing Machine (UTM) of 1000 kN capacity, Digitized Compression Testing Machine (CTM) of 3000 kN capacity, various Hardness Testing Machines viz. Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers’, Fatigue Testing Machine,Universal Frame for wood testing, Load-Cells, Strain Gauges, Impact Testing Machine (Izod/Charpy), Torsion Testing Machine (wire and rod), Tabletop Spring Testing Machine, N-Type Schmidt Hammer for Concrete, Low-Velocity Impact Testing Machine for Concrete, etc.



Structural Analysis Laboratory
Self-Balancing Loading Frame of 100 T capacity, Double acting Hydraulic Jack of 100 T capacity, Universal Load Cell of 100 T capacity, Load Cell of 25 T capacity, LVDTs 0-25 mm, 0-50 mm and 0-100 mm, Column Loading Frame of 100 T capacity, Data Acquisition Systems, Digital Microscope for crack measurement, Loading Frame for Impact Test with Dynamic Load Cells, Accelerometers, Signal Conditioners, and 8 channel Data Acquisition System, Projectile Impact Testing Device, PC based Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester, etc. are the facilities available in the Structural Analysis Laboratory.



CAD Labs
The CAD Laboratories are equipped with advanced computers and software packages such as AutoCAD, Free CAD, Primavera, Osdag, EPANET, MATLAB, Bentley Academic Subscription with STAAD Pro, WaterGEMS, StormCAD, SewerGEMS, etc.



Geology Lab
Good laboratory facilities are available for studies in Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics.Triaxial Shear Test apparatus, Point Load Index Tester, Trimble GIS, Resistivity Meter, Crystal Models, Mineral Specimens, Rock Specimens, Models, Maps, Polarized Petrological Microscope With camera(Leica S8AP0), Modular Stereo Microscope with camera (Zeiss SteREO V12), etc. are the facilities available in the Geology Lab. 



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